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Boston College Football Fall Camp: Picture Day

The Boston College football team had the day off from practice to take part in the annual Picture Day activities. The @BCFootballNews Twitter account did a great job tweeting out pics throughout the day. To start the day off, here's a pic of the team making its way to the Bapst Library Lawn.

The before shot ...

Here are photos of the coaching staff, the players on the roster from Massachusetts, the Quebecers and te Chicago boys. Here's Swigert and Marscovetra after the team moved to Alumni for individual shots. Here's Sean Flaherty and Steele Divitto's individual shots, too. For a behind-the-scenes video of Kasim Edebali's photo shoot, check out this video.

After the team photo, Fr. Monan and Barry Gallup snapped one final pic.

On the injury front, @BCFootballNews also tweeted that Rolandan Finch has a left foot sprain. He's expected to miss five days of practice and then get re-evaluated. Sounds like there's a good chance Deuce will be back in time for the opener against Miami.

N.C. State head coach Tom O'Brien thinks BC has a shoe problem. Though why TOB was asked to comment on the situation and how TOB still has his pulse on a program he left after the 2006 season are two questions best left only to a Jersey guy.