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2012 Boston College Football Preview: Biggest Surprise On Defense

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Today we are going to look at BC's biggest defensive surprise In our continuing preview of the Boston College season. As we have been told numerous times Luke Kuechly is gone, and there is most likely no one on the defense to replace his raw production. But BC will adapt, and there are plenty of skill players on the defense who as a unit could put together a defense that should be even better than the 2011 version.

Let's look at some of the players who could produce, but might be someone that isn't on our radars.

C.J Jones (CB) -- Last year Jones missed most of the season due to injury, but now he is back, and not a moment too soon. Al Louis-Jean is expected to miss significant time, and Jones is now slated to take over at the FC position. Jones' knee is still an issue according to Spaz “C.J. still has some issues with his knee, so I’m not sure,” said Spaziani. “Losing Chris will be tougher to deal with.” BC's corners struggled in 2011, could Jones be the key to an improved secondary?

Dillon Quinn (DT) -- Defensive line play was weak at best, and completely ineffective at worst last year. With two option heavy teams on the docket this year (Georgia Tech & Army) and multiple mobile QB's on other teams, the defensive line is going to need to step up. Quinn could be the key to effective clogging up those rushing lanes and bringing BC's rushing defense to an elite level.

Steven Daniels (LB) -- Going into the season, the linebacker position seems to have the most depth. But like last season with Sean Duggan, could an injury bring Daniels onto the field this season. Spaziani has already said that he is impressed with Daniels play, and with a year in prep school, Daniels is seasoned enough to not play like a true freshman.

Josh Keyes (S) -- A former linebacker, Keyes was transitioned to safety for this season. A hard hitter in the backfield, could he be a physical presence to support the corners?

Manny Asprilla (CB) -- The cornerback has to be the biggest question mark going into the season. Manny has experience at the position, but has yet to record an interception. Could that change this season?

Others -- Mght someone else step up. Maybe Mehdi Abdesmad or Kieran Borcich on the defensive line? Or linebackers like Nick Lifka or Nick Clancy? What about defensive backs like Bryce Jones, Sean Sylvia or Dominique Williams?

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