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Boston College Football's Scholarship Roster Heading Into 2012 Opener

With yesterday's discussion about the depth -- or lack thereof -- in the secondary following Al Louis-Jean's foot injury, I thought it'd be a good time to look at Boston College's 85-man scholarship roster. There have been fans that remain skeptical of Spaz's method of under recruiting, wanting the program to max out at 85 scholarships instead of banking a few as rewards for walk-ons and late recruiting.

This is unofficial, as Boston College doesn't release this information.

Pos / Class Total Seniors Juniors Sophomores RS Freshmen Freshmen
81 13 15 24 12 17
QB 5 Mike Marscovetra Chase Rettig Josh Bordner Christian Suntrup
Dave Shinskie
RB / FB 5 Rolandan Finch (RB) Tahj Kimble (RB) George Craan (RB)
Jake Sinkovec (FB)
Andre Williams (RB)
WR / TE 16 Donte Elliott (WR) Alex Amidon (WR) Spiffy Evans (WR) Brian Miller (TE) Harrison Jackson (WR)
Colin Larmond, Jr. (WR) Johnathan Coleman (WR) Marcus Grant (WR) Nigel Matthews (WR)
Chris Pantale (TE) Bobby Swigert (WR) Jarrett Darmstatter (TE) Joel Karim Zoungrana (WR)
Mike Naples (TE) Dan Crimmins (TE)
Michael Giacone (TE)
OL 18 Emmett Cleary Bryan Davis Seth Betancourt Dave Bowen Jim Cashman
John Wetzel Ian White Andy Gallik Paul Gaughan Win Homer
Aaron Kramer Dan Lembke Frank Taylor
Bobby Vardaro Eddie Meredith
Harris Williams Victor Nelson
Liam Porter
O-Total 44 7 10 10 8 9
DL 11 Bryan Murray (DT) Kasim Edebali (DE) Mehdi Abdesmad (DE) Kieran Borcich (DL) Malachi Moore (DE)
Dillon Quinn (DT) Dominic Appiah (DL) Connor Wujciak (DL)
Kaleb Ramsey (DT) Brian Mihalik (DL)
Matt Murphy (DL)
Max Ricci (DL)
LB 10 Nick Clancy Steele Divitto Sean Duggan Nick Lifka Steven Daniels
Andre Lawrence Tim Joy
Kevin Pierre-Louis Mike Strizak
Bobby Wolford
DB 13 Jim Noel Manny Asprilla Ameer Richardson David Dudeck
Ted Davenport Bryce Jones
C.J. Jones Justin Simmons
Josh Keyes
Al Louis-Jean Jr.
James McCaffrey
Spenser Rositano
Sean Sylvia
Dominique Williams
D-Total 34 5 4 13 4 8
ST 3 Gerald Levano (P) Nate Freese (K) Alex Howell (K/P)

Assumed Non-Scholarship Players:

-- Seniors (3) - Mike Javorski (RB), Joe LaCorte (WR), Sean Flaherty (LS)
-- Juniors (1) - Patrick Bowler (LB)
-- Sophomores (9) - Shane Cranmore (QB), Paul Maglio (RB), Jeffrey Jay (WR), Griff Rogan (WR), C.J. Parsons (TE), Connor Galligan (LB), Carmen Dello Iacono (DB), Ted Davenport (DB), Matt Murphy (DL)
-- RS Freshmen (2) - Zach Wolfe (RB), Joey Launceford (K)
-- Freshmen (6) - Steven Flynn (QB), Austin Lommen (QB), Anthony Caruso (LB), Michael Gaffney (LB), Leonard Skubal (LS), Jake Wilhelm (K)

  • 81 scholarship players sounds about right to me. Maybe that's 1-2 higher than reality, considering Spaz admitted that we were below the limit back in December, before Montel Harris was booted from the team and Momah lost his appeal with the NCAA for a sixth year of eligibility.
  • With both Marscovetra and Shinskie with only one year to go, it makes sense that the program is bringing in both Tim Boyle and Mackay Lowrie in the Class of 2013.
  • The offensive line is heavy on sophomores and freshmen. As a result, we may see smaller OL classes in 2013 and 2014. Of the 16 recruits in the current class, the Eagles have yet to land an offensive lineman.
  • With Murray, Quinn and Ramsey all seniors, you can see where there'll be a gap at the defensive tackle position in coming years. Harrison, Ohio DT Truman Gutapfel is currently the only player in the Class of 2013 recruited at DT.
  • Penn State players would not have counted against the NCAA max 85 scholarships, which makes the fact that BC didn't land any former Nittany Lion players that more disappointing considering the program is well under the 85-man cap.
  • Again, as a note this is an unofficial list. I figured we could crowd source this a bit so if you have any more information on this -- players that should be on the list or off it -- chime in in the comments section.
A final note: if 81 is the right number, here are some comparisons. That total is less than the 2011 Maryland roster, where the Terps were sanctioned down to 82 last season. North Carolina football's total scholarships will be reduced to 80 this season. USC's scholarships have been reduced to 75 this season.