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Al Louis-Jean Injures Foot, Will Miss 6-8 Weeks

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The injury train just keeps on rolling, as another projected Boston College starter will be missing substantial time this upcoming season. According to a press release by Frank Spaziani, sophomore cornerback Al Louis-Jean injured his foot yesterday during practice and underwent successful surgery this morning.

At a position where the Eagles have limited depth, the injury to Louis-Jean could be difficult for the Eagles to overcome. Looking at the depth chart, C.J. Jones and James McCaffrey are listed as backups at each corner position. If you want to look deeper on the depth chart, there are other players such as RS freshmen Zach Wolfe, Ted Davenport or Ameer Richardson or true freshman Bryce Jones. Hopefully Spaziani won't be starting backup quarterbacks and kickers in the secondary like he did during the spring game.

Injuries happen, but this is the second foot injury in the span of a week to a BC starter. Injuries are no excuse for losing, and it has to be on the coaching staff if BC isn't prepared with talented players to fill in. As the injuries start to pile up, you have to get more upset that the coaching staff couldn't have put together a stronger recruiting class last year because below the serviceable starters the experience level drops off significantly.

Many fans felt good about the Eagles going into this season, but the question has to linger. With two starters down how have your feelings about the expectations of this team changed?