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The Ultimate Boston College Football Game Series Round Of 16: Boise State 2005 Vs. Clemson 2006

The next Round of 16 matchup in our Ultimate Boston College Football Game series pits Group D winner, the 2005 MPC Computers Bowl victory over Boise State, up against the Pool C runner-up, the 2006 double OT victory over Clemson. This is Clemson's third spot in the knockout round, joining the 2005 and 2007 victories.

Here's the current bracket:

(A1) 2004 W vs. Notre Dame vs. (B2) 2008 W vs. Wake Forest -- in progress
(B1) 2007 W vs. Clemson vs. (A2) 2005 W vs. Clemson -- in progress

(C1) 2007 W vs. Virginia Tech vs. (D2) 2009 W vs. Florida State -- in progress
(D1) 2005 W vs. Boise State vs. (C2) 2006 W vs. Clemson

(E1) 2003 W vs. Notre Dame vs. (F2) 2004 W vs. West Virginia
(F1) 2003 W vs. Virginia Tech (E2) 2010 W vs. Weber State

Pool G Winner TBD vs. Pool H Runner-Up TBD -- Group G and Group H in progress
Pool H Winner TBD vs. Pool G Runner-Up TBD

Random fact 1: Boston College won 88 games from 2000-09 (including bowls), the 11th highest total in the country. Boise State was the winningest program of the last decade, racking up 112 wins. Oklahoma (110), Texas (110), Ohio State (102), Florida (100), LSU (99), Virginia Tech (99), Georgia (98), TCU (95) and Miami (92) round out the top 10.

Random fact 2: Since the 1999 season, Boise State is 82-3 at home with the only losses being to Washington State in 2001, Boston College in the 2005 MPC Computers Bowl and to TCU in 2011.

Random fact 3: After going 0-2 against ACC teams ranked in the Top 25 in their inaugural season, the Eagles' 2 OT victory over Clemson was the first-ever over a ranked ACC opponent (#18). BC would then rattle off eight victories in 10 games against AP Top 25 opponents -- all from the ACC -- from 2006-2008. From 2009 on, BC is 0-7 vs. AP Top 25 programs.

Which victory advances to the Quarterfinals? Voting will remain open for one week.