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Boston College Daily Links: Bob Ryan Retires From Boston Globe

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NOTE: Two-a-days start today for the Boston College football team. The second and third scrimmages will happen this week on Wednesday and Sunday. 19 days to kickoff ...

Globe sports columnist Bob Ryan says goodbye after 44 years (The Boston Globe)
When I was a student at Boston College and a fervent newspaper reader, my fantasy was to work for the Boston Globe. It became a case of Mission Accomplished, with every reasonable wish fulfilled. Now it is time to step aside, though not completely out of sight.

Planning to make plays (
“I know my role, but I need now to make plays and become a playmaker on this defense. In the previous seasons I just made tackles, I was just in the right spot. This year, I have to make plays that I should be able to make. There is a difference between making tackles and making plays.”

Chase Rettig’s rallying Eagles (
“I’m just going to prepare the best I can and put my best foot forward. I want to bring BC back to (2006 and ’07) where we were and getting people excited around Boston College.”

Miller, Vardaro ready to make an impact at BC (
BC would love for Miller to take a lot of those Pantale reps. It’s just a matter of staying healthy. After a healthy spring, his leg injury flared up again. He said at yesterday’s media day he expects to be back in a couple days.

BC report: Miami game already looms for Eagles (Blauds)
Win that game and BC is 1-0 in the ACC. Win that game and the feeling of gloom and doom from the Spaz bashers who think that he is over matched, been out recruited and out coached during much of his first three years as the Eagles head coach, might be at leas temporarily muted.

Ranking The ACC Quarterbacks (Gobbler Country)
Retting did make substantial improvements last year from the year before. He threw six more touchdowns without throwing any more picks, despite throwing over 100 more passes. He also upped his completion percentage by over 2%. All of this while playing on a team that looked like a sinking ship out of the gate (the Eagles started 1-6). It did not help that all-everything BC running back Montel Harris (and the preseason ACC POY pick) struggled with injuries and missed nearly all of the season. Nobody fares well when someone like that goes down.

Samantha and Kristie Mewis ready to break out as next US soccer stars (The Boston Globe)
“You have all eyes on you and you’re expected to be the best and do everything right. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything,’’ Kristen said. “That’s my ultimate goal and that’s my sister’s too — to have a place on the national team. It’s tough at times, but I think it’s worth it at the end.”