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Boston College Football Recruiting: Where Is BC Recruiting The Class Of 2013?

The recruiting website has a feature that keeps track of all the recruits a school has offered, broken down by US state. Taking the total offers out there for the 2013 class, one can get of good sense of what parts of the country the Eagles football program is mining to fill next year's class.

With the help of, one can quickly produce a density map of the distribution of offers by state. Check out the US map for all BC's 2013 offers (the darker the color, the more recruits have been offered for that state).

Check it out.

As one would expect based on the recruits already committed for 2013, the Eagles have relied heavily on the Ohio pipeline to fill the class. Out of 33 total offers in the state of Ohio, seven commits are from the Buckeye State.

That 33 total is only equaled by the number of offers out to (no surprise) Florida recruits. The yield, at least so far, has been far less than it is in Ohio. Dr. Phillips (Orlando) three-star defensive back Matt Milano is currently the class's only commitment from Florida.

Of note is Maryland, where the program has offered 22 players from the Free State. Only one -- Hyattsville, Maryland defensive back John Johnson -- has committed to BC so far.

The next highest states on the list are a bit more predictable. A total of 16 each from Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Virginia, 12 from Georgia and nine each from California and Illinois.

Massachusetts, while not typically known as a top producer of HS football talent, falls all the way to 10th on this list with five offers. The rest of the offers by state include Connecticut (4), New York (4), Washington D.C. (2), Delaware (2), Minnesota (2), Missouri (1) and Wisconsin (1).

Notably absent from the map is the talent-rich state of Texas. The program hasn't signed a recruit from the Lone Star State since Donte Elliott (Alief Taylor, Houston), Clyde Lee (Hightower, Fort Bend) and Ugo Okpara (Dulles, Sugar Land) joined the team as part of the Class of 2008.

It could be that the program doesn't see a great return from recruiting Texas and has gotten a bit gun-shy given the lack of success from the Texas recruits in the '08 class. Donte Elliott caught just four balls for 33 yards last season. Clyde Lee caught 21 balls for 225 yards over a career 19 games before getting kicked off the team last summer due to academic issues, while Okpara never saw the field, reportedly quitting the team to focus on school. Even if that's the case, I don't see why BC wouldn't at least offer a few kids from Texas given the sheer number of players that could suit up for a Division I-A program.

Also absent from the list are both the Carolinas, two states within the ACC's geographic footprint. Again, could be that given the increased regional competition from the likes of Clemson, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech and the Carolina schools that BC doesn't think they'll be able to pull anyone out of Carolina.

HT: News Record