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Videos From Boston College Football Media Day

Eagle Marketing has posted various player interview videos from Boston College football media day. Here is Sean Duggan.

Duggan is playing in a new spot this season (MLB) while Divitto and KPL return at SLB and WLB, respectively. Duggan was also asked what it's like having yet another St. X backer, Steven Daniels, as his teammate. Finally, he was asked about the team's great attitude and how that will translate to a better season. Sweet stache, bro.

Here's fellow BC linebacker Kevin Pierre-Louis.

KPL might not be the biggest guy on the field, but he prides himself on his SPEED. There's no replacing Luke Kuechly, obviously. Just have to pick up where he left off.

Sticking with the D, here's Jim Noel.

Noel was asked what it means to be selected as one of the team captains. The defensive backs joke around and hang around together, so hopefully that translated to the field.

Wide receiver Bobby Swigert was first asked about the new batch of receivers -- Harrison Jackson, Nigel Matthews and Dan Crimmins -- joining the team this fall.

Crimmins and Jackson have good size, and Jackson reminds Swigert of Ifeanyi Momah in terms of routes and work ethic. Most of the receiving corps is back, so they'll look to build on their experiences as freshmen and sophomores. In terms of the new offense, Swigert thinks BC will throw the ball a lot more. "High tempo." "Keep the defense on its toes."

Finally, here is running back Andre Williams.

Each RB brings a different flavor to the offense, with AW considered the power back. He's a big guy, and likes to hit people. Tahj has got scissors for feet. Deuce is the most versatile of the three. Williams sees a more cohesive group this season. He's hoping for WINS this season.