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The Ultimate Boston College Football Game Series Round Of 16: Virginia Tech 2007 Vs. Florida State 2009

The next Round of 16 matchup in our Ultimate Boston College Football Game series pits Group C winner, the 2007 victory over Virginia Tech, up against the Pool D runner-up, the 2009 home victory over Florida State.

Here's the current bracket:

(A1) 2004 W vs. Notre Dame vs. (B2) 2008 W vs. Wake Forest -- in progress
(B1) 2007 W vs. Clemson vs. (A2) 2005 W vs. Clemson -- in progress

(C1) 2007 W vs. Virginia Tech vs. (D2) 2009 W vs. Florida State
(D1) 2005 W vs. Boise State vs. (C2) 2006 W vs. Clemson

(E1) 2003 W vs. Notre Dame vs. (F2) 2004 W vs. West Virginia
(F1) 2003 W vs. Virginia Tech (E2) 2010 W vs. Weber State

Pool G Winner TBD vs. Pool H Runner-Up TBD -- Group G and Group H in progress
Pool H Winner TBD vs. Pool G Runner-Up TBD

Random fact 1: The Virginia Tech win was the program's greatest fourth-quarter deficit overcome in terms of trailing late and scoring the winning points with the fewest amount of time remaining. The Eagles trailed 10-0 with 2:11 to go before taking a 14-10 lead with only 11 seconds remaining. The other fourth-quarter comebacks on that list:

-- 1988 victory over Pittsburgh, 34-31 - down 31-19 at 8:42, before taking a 34-31 lead at 1:28
-- 1995 victory over Rutgers, 41-38 - down 38-28 at 8:59, before taking a 41-38 lead at 1:16
-- 1980 victory over Holy Cross, 27-26 - down 26-14 at 12:00, before taking a 27-26 lead at 4:00
-- 1984 victory over Alabama, 38-31 - down 31-21 at end of 3rd, before taking a 38-31 lead at 3:26
-- 2002 victory over Stanford, 34-27 - down 27-17 at end of 3rd, before taking a 34-27 lead at 0:36
-- 1961 victory over Iowa State, 14-10 - down 10-0 at end of 3rd, before taking a 14-10 lead at 4:38

Random fact 2: Boston College has hosted ESPN's College Game Day twice on campus in the last seven seasons (2005 and 2009, both against Florida State). The only ACC programs to have hosted the WWL's pre-game show on campus more are Virginia Tech (five times), Miami (six) and Florida State (seven). Duke Maryland, Wake Forest and Virginia are the only ACC programs never to have hosted.


Which victory advances to the Quarterfinals? Voting will remain open for one week.