The Ultimate BC Football Game (Old Guy Edition) 1970-99: Semi-final - #2 - Miami - 1984 vs #3 - Alabama - 1984

Our #1 seed, the program's only win ever over a #1 team against Notre Dame in 1993, advances to the final of our Old Guy Edition tournament, besting Kelly Elias' game saving tackle and the win over Texas in 1976 by a margin of 78% to 22%. That game will face the winner of our second semi-final, an in-season battle between the second game of that season, the come from behind win at Alabama and the second to last game of that same season, the famous Hail Mary win at Miami.

That would be a good...did you know by the way. Did you know that the Miami game was not the last game of the 1984 season? BC actually finished the regular season a week later in Worcester thumping Holy Cross.

Voting on this game will run through August 14 at 11:55 PM.

We are still looking for games that belong in the discussion for the all time least from 1970-2011. The guys at BCI have been running their poll for the past few months and I know people have their opinions on where those games might rate against the ones we have been discussing. After the final, I will announce my list of the all time games from 1970-2011.

So where do those game rank in the "big list" or do they? Games like the Ryan to Callendar pass to complete the comeback at Virginia Tech in 2007 or the win over #4 Notre Dame in 2002. Those definitely have a place on the big board..what about others?