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The Ultimate Boston College Football Game Series Round Of 16: Clemson 2007 Vs. Clemson 2005

Brian Favat, BC Interruption
Brian Favat, BC Interruption

The second Round of 16 matchup in our Ultimate Boston College Football Game series pits Group B winner, the 2007 victory over Clemson to clinch the Atlantic Division title, up against the Pool A runner-up, another victory over Clemson in 2005.

Here's the current bracket:

(A1) 2004 W vs. Notre Dame vs. (B2) 2008 W vs. Wake Forest -- in progress
(B1) 2007 W vs. Clemson vs. (A2) 2005 W vs. Clemson

(C1) 2007 W vs. Virginia Tech vs. (D2) 2009 W vs. Florida State
(D1) 2005 W vs. Boise State vs. (C2) 2006 W vs. Clemson

(E1) 2003 W vs. Notre Dame vs. (F2) 2004 W vs. West Virginia
(F1) 2003 W vs. Virginia Tech (E2) 2010 W vs. Weber State

Pool G Winner TBD vs. Pool H Runner-Up TBD -- Group G and Group H in progress
Pool H Winner TBD vs. Pool G Runner-Up TBD

Random Fact 1: College football adopted the current overtime format in time for the 1996 season. Since the 1996 season, the Eagles have played in 7 overtime games and 11 OT possessions. Two of those seven games (2005 and 2006) and three of those 11 possessions were against Clemson (2005 and 2006).

Random Fact 2: BC is a perfect 4-0 in overtime games since joining the ACC in 2005 (and 2-0 against Clemson).

Clemson vs. Clemson -- which victory over the Tigers advances to the Quarterfinals? Voting will remain open for one week.