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Chris Pantale Breaks Bone In Foot, Will Miss "Significant Time"

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Today is media day day at Boston College, which includes interviews with players and coaches. To start the day off, Boston College football coach Frank Spaziani took to the podium. With his usual array of responses to questions that don't really matter, Spaz revealed a bombshell about one of his players. Via Gethin Coolbaugh:

Ugh. You hate to see players getting hurt during the spring, but when it is a player that is projected to be a major contributor to a struggling offense, it hurts even more. Pantale became a legitimate threat at the end of the season, and with Doug Martin's new spread-ish offense, he would have been a major weapon for Chase Rettig.

Where do the Eagles turn to now? Luckily tight end is a position of strength for the Eagles, who have a solid array of choices to take Pantale's spot. Spaz could turn to some of his veterans such as Mike Naples, Jarrett Darmstatter or Carmen Dello Iacono. Or they could turn to the future and give freshman Michael Giacone some snaps.

Whatever the choice, the Eagles are going to need to adjust. Let's just hope that they survive the rest of training camp without any major injuries.