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Boston College Daily Links: Spaz The Quote Machine

ACCross The Web, August 1 (ACC Sports Journal)
What else does he read on the internet? When asked about the outlook for this upcoming season, an actual Boston College question which seemed to surprise the coach, he said, "We’re not that far away. It’s not as obvious to the Twitters and the fans and the bloggers, but there’s a lot to be excited about." It’s safe to assume he’s a fan of Eagles’ blog BC Interruption, a blog that doesn’t exactly reciprocate the feelings.

Blauds leaves Globe, Globe to begin covering BC (Eagle in Atlanta)
Blauds unwillingness to write in the offseason or embrace new media like his fellow college writers was a waste of a soap box. Despite the changing landscape, writing for the Globe still carries weight. Blauds never appreciated that. He can scoff at the BC websites but collectively we were producing ten times more content than he ever did.

Boston College, quarterback Chase Rettig look to bounce back (
"We were 112th, how many teams are there, 108?" coach Frank Spaziani joked at the ACC Kickoff. "There are no excuses in this business. There are problems that you have to work through. We have not been able to work through some of those problems on offense. We recognize them. We think we're a lot better off than we have been, and we need to be with a capital N-E-E-D."

Boston College football looks to bounce back after losing season (
"I definitely hear it," offensive tackle Emmett Cleary said. "When the players aren't playing well, the coach is a crappy coach. And then when we're doing great, if we win nine games this year, he'll be coach of the year and all that crap goes away. Coach Spaz, he's our coach. He's the right guy for the job. And people are going to see that when the players start playing better."

ACC 2012 Season Preview: Boston College Eagles (Atlantic Coast Convos)
It’s an unenviable slate, and it magnifies how relative improvement may appear for the Eagles. With a tough schedule and a deeper ACC than we’ve seen in awhile, there’s not a lot of wiggle room from middle-of-the-pack to the conference cellar. Boston College may not deserve to be at the bottom of the ACC, but factors beyond their control may just end up placing them there anyway.

Solon's Drew Barksdale gives Boston College his commitment (
"I know I have to gain some weight, get stronger and increase my speed to play at the next level, but I also know they'll need a few more receivers by the time I get (to Boston). I'm just glad to get the recruiting procedure over with. I can now concentrate on football and enjoying my school.''

College Football Science: Where Your Team Ranks On The Fun/Skill Chart (
The basement does not help. Duke and Boston College were already there, but Maryland's plunge into the depths of submediocrity makes the bottom of the ACC a wretched hut of arthritic spiders praying for a stray fly to crash land through the door. If this seems like an extreme metaphor, you clearly did not watch Maryland or Boston College play last year.

Terrible Bowl Games Could Survive Playoff System, For Now (
Celebrating mediocrity one Famous Idaho Potato Bowl at a time.

SoP Q-and-A: @BCInterruption Talks Mustaches, Boston College Football (Sippin' On Purple)
Over the next few weeks, I plan on doing Q-and-A's with opposing bloggers about Northwestern's football season. The only problem is that the questions I ask are generally different from those normal people ask, and then one question about football.

Castonzo ready to hit (Batesville Herald Tribune)
"I think we have a real solid offensive line from tackle to tackle," he said. "Every position is real good, and I don’t think we have any weak links which is awesome. We’re just hitting the ground running. ‘Rebuild’ means you’re going to take a couple years. I think no one’s in a position where we want to do that. We want to hit the ground running and have a good season this year."

Training Camp Observations: Sunday, July 29, 2012 (Chicago Bears Huddle)
Inconsequential, but was in my notes: for a second straight day, Boston College kicker Ryan Quigley was absolutely geeked by the fan response at camp. Bears fans are easily the best in the world.

Ron Brace happy to get back on field (
"(I’m) just basically trying to work hard and get back out there and possibly being on that field," said Brace. "I don’t think anything is different. I have to earn my spot. I have to work hard every day. I have to improve on the little things. Not everything is perfect so I have to work on whatever problems or little thing I need to tune up and make myself better out there on the field and a factor in the game."

Atlanta Falcons: Dominique Davis draws some praise (
"He’s done some nice things," Smith said. "He’s got a strong arm. He’s very athletic. He’ll get an opportunity to play in the [exhibition] games. He’s been a very pleasant surprise."