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Boston College Football Recruiting: WR David Coggins Verbals To Eagles

And with those words Boston College has their 11th recruit for the 2013 class. David Coggins, a three star wide receiver from Connecticut had two offers, the other being from University of Connecticut. Coggins, who attends Sacred Heart in Connecticut, had been rumored to be heading to BC and was offered by the Eagles in June of last year, but it took his tweet to confirm this.

The biggest concern with Coggins is his injury past. He missed the entire 2011 season with Sacred Heart due to an injured ankle that required a metal plate to be screwed in to stabilize the bone. Yikes! Hopefully that doesn't impact his speed. But his upside sounds great, as he he was named MVP in two high school camps in Washington D.C and Baltimore.

Coggins joins Dan Monteroso as wide receiver recruits for the 2013 season. He is also the 4th major recruit to come out of Connecticut. Feels good to see BC smoking the Huskies for recruits in their own backyard.

Welcome to the Heights David!

(Make sure to follow David Coggins on Twitter: @Davecoggs1)