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Boston College Daily Links: More On The New Guys

Aquinas' Joel Rich picks Boston College (
"When I was there (on a visit), it just felt right," Rich said. "Also, I’ve gone to a Catholic school all of my life ... and going to a Catholic college just kind of continues on my Catholic education."

Orlando Freedom WR Jeff Badet says Louisville is his leader (Orlando Sentinel)
Badet said Boston College’s coaching staff tells him he has the ability to play as a freshman. His teammate, two-way lineman Kevin Maurice, is also helping Boston College keep pace. "Of course Big Mac [Maurice] wants me to go to school with him," Badet said. "I guess he wants to go to Boston College, but I don’t know yet. He wants me and him to go to the same school."

Andrew Van Nest trying to prove himself at Boston College (The Boston Globe)
He said he gave up a job with Credit Suisse in Los Angeles, a job with the NBA in New York where he would assist with production of the All-Star game and even an opportunity to play basketball professionally somewhere in Europe. All so that he could return to Boston College for one more year of eligibility (he missed his entire freshman season at Harvard with a torn rotator cuff) and prove, if only to himself, that he’s a top-class basketball player.

Florida Panthers’ Michael Matheson draws high praise (Miami Herald)
"What I love is he is just a year removed from midget hockey," said Scott Luce, the director of amateur scouting for the Panthers. "He’s going to get exponentially better just by default when he goes to Boston College. It would have been very easy for him to stay in the Quebec league, but he went to Dubuque. He’s a mature guy who is focused and determined. He went against the grain as compared to players from Quebec. He lived on a farm outside of town. He’s a character guy we like."

All Signs Point To Pearl (Fear The Triangle)
Multiple sources have indicated to FTT that Holy Cross’ Paul Pearl is the new frontrunner in the search to replace Toot Cahoon. I’m unable to confirm if the job has been offered to him yet, but it appears that’s where things are headed. Assuming UMass doesn’t get "Umiliated" again and he were to actually accept, he could be announced as head coach before the end of the week.