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Most Regrettable College Fan Pride Videos: Boston College Hockey's 1986 Beanpot Trot

On Tuesday, Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician's Sean Keeley tweeted this:

This was in response to this really bad Texas A&M Welcome to the SEC video. Based on the release of this A&M video, Jason Kirk over at SB has compiled the list of the 12 most regrettable college pride videos and of course, Boston College makes the list.

Before the 1986 Beanpot Championship, this video leaked to the local media of the Boston College men's hockey team rapping about its superiority. Remember when the Super Bowl shuffle was a thing? Unfortunately, the Eagles on-ice play didn't match that of its rapping prowess as Boston College went on to lose the final to Boston University 4-1.

You can just hand over the tournament title to Boston College, yes?

We are the Eagles, stomping our feet.
We sometimes stumble, but never in defeat.
This is our song. We're not getting cocky.
We're just here to rap about hockey.

My name is Howie. You can call me slick.
I don't do much talking but I carry a big stick.
I'm not supposed to tell you my real name is Scott.
I'm just here to dance and do the Beanpot Trot.

My name is Emma. I'm very steady.
Not very fancy but I'm always ready.
Some say I'm nasty. I say I'm not.
When it comes to winning I do the Beanpot Trot.

I am the [unintelligible]. Very speedy.
But when it comes to scoring I'm not too greedy.
When I get the puck and I get hot.
That's when I start the Beanpot Trot.


They call me Swoop. Don't get out of line.
Cause if you dare try me, I'll knock you on the pine.
I'll always rough you up, like it or not.
So here I go doing the Beanpot Trot.

My name is Swedes. The one with the stache.
I never get excited, unless its over cash.
If you can't find me, I'll be in the slot.
Moving my feet, doing the Beanpot Trot.

My name is Gordon, they call me Flash.
Quick with the glove, always on the dash.
And when they score, it's never a lot.
I'm just here to split and do the Beanpot Trot.


My name is Neil and I'm the big wheel.
I'm always watching and trying to make a deal.
I'm not camera shy. No I'm not.
Especially when I'm doing the Beanpot Trot.

My name is Mike, the one with the looks.
I'm that defensemen with the jabs and the hooks.
Some say I'm dirty but I rarely get caught.
That's why I'm here to do my Beanpot Trot.

My name is Matt and I like to diddle.
So if you can't find me I'll be dancing through the middle.
Some call me shaky. I know I'm not.
I'm just here to do the Beanpot Trot.

Now my name is Gracie and they call me the voice.
When it comes to winning hockey, I've got no choice.
But to call all the games for this #1 team
And follow that club to the championship dream.