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ACC Kickoff 2012: Notre Dame To The ACC As A Partial Member?

Welcome to ACC Kickoff coverage here at BC Interruption. College football pre-season is finally underway, and we can start looking ahead to practices, interviews and of course the some of the most in depth BC coverage on the interwebs. Today is the first day of the ACC Kickoff in Greensboro, North Carolina. Before the day even began, a Pitt media member started to break some very interesting news:

The ACC members have been vehemently opposed to partial memberships in the past and have had the attitude of "all in" or "not in" but Swofford said today he's not sure if that is still the case and of course, he wouldn't say it but others already have - that subject is indeed being considered with respect to Notre Dame. So don't be shocked if in the near future Notre Dame is an ACC member in all sports except football and has some sort of scheduling agreement to play X-number of ACC schools in football each year.


So, there is John Swofford again, cowtowing to whatever the Irish wants, and doing nothing to benefit the conference in the process. Look, I would love to have Notre Dame become part of the ACC, but on our terms, and let's be realistic that isn't happening. ND has a sweet media contract with NBC that they won't be giving up soon, and unless the ACC can convince them that the new college football playoff system demands them to join a conference, I can't imagine the Irish giving up their independence.

Having ND partially does nothing for the conference. ND won't be on ACC television networks, the revenue won't help the ACC all that much, and most importantly the Irish wouldn't be completely bought into the ACC product. Please ACC if you are going to bring in ND, tell them it's on your terms or nothing at all.

This may just be a rumor, but it certainly has helped kick off the ACC Kickoff in an intriguing direction.