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NCAA Football 13: Boston College's All-Time Roster 1993-2011

EA Sports first published their wildly popular NCAA Football way back in 1993. Back then, the game was called "Bill Walsh College Football" and was released on Sega Genesis and Super NES. The video game was renamed College Football USA in 1996, before the first installment of the franchise known as "NCAA Football" hit shelves in 1998.

In honor of the release of NCAA Football 13, I messed around with EA Sports Team Builder to create the Boston College All-Star program using players from 1993 to present (hoping that CoachJF can help me fill in BC's All-Star roster for the 1970-1993 old guys edition).

Here's what I came up with. BC is stacked at HB, OT, OG, C, DT and LB, and a little weak at WR, DE and in the secondary. Inputs appreciated.


QB: Matt Ryan (2004-07), Glenn Foley (1990-93), Paul Petersen (2003-04), Brian St. Pierre (1999-02)
HB: William Green (1999-2001), Mike Cloud (1995-98), Derrick Knight (2000-03), Montel Harris (2008-11)
FB: Darnell Campbell (1991-93), James McCluskey (2007-10)
WR: Rich Gunnell (2006-09), Brandon Robinson (2005-08), Grant Adams (2001-04), Kevin Challenger (2004-07), Tony Gonzalez (2003-06), Jamal Burke (1999-2002), Anthony DiCosmo (1995-98)
TE: Pete Mitchell (1991-94), Ryan Purvis (2005-08), Sean Ryan (2000-03)
OT: Pete Kendall (1992-95), Paul Zukauskas (1997-2000), Jeremy Trueblood (2002-05), Anthony Castonzo (2007-10), James Marten (2003-06), Gosder Cherilus (2004-07)
OG: Doug Brzezinski (1995-98), Chris Snee (2001-03), Josh Beekman (2003-06), Thomas Claiborne (2008-10), Mark Nori (1993-96), Greg Landry (1992-94)
C: Tom Nalen (1990-93), Dan Koppen (1999-2002)


DE: Mathias Kiwanuka (2002-05), Nick Larkin (2004-07), Phil Mettling (2001-04)
DT: Chris Hovan (1996-1999), B.J. Raji (2004-06, 08), Ron Brace (2005-08), Antonio Garay (1998-2002), Mike Willetts (1996-99), Tim Bullman (2001-04)
LB: Luke Kuechly (2009-11), Stephen Boyd (1991-94), Mike Mamula (1993-94), Vinny Ciurciu (2001-02), Mark Herzlich (2006-08, 10), Jo-Lonn Dunbar (2004), Frank Chamberlin (1996-99), Brian Toal (2004-06, 08), Ricky Brown (2002-05)
CB: Mike Reed (1991-94), Lenny Walls (2000-01), Will Blackmon (2002-05), DeJuan Tribble (2004-07)
S: Jamie Silva (2004-07), Daryl Porter (1993-96), Pedro Cirino (1996-99)


P: Johnny Ayers (2004-07)
K: Steve Aponavicius (2006-09)

Thoughts? You can build your own dynasty using EA Sports Team Builder.

This post was sponsored by EA Sports NCAA Football 13. Check out the video for the game below.

EA SPORTS NCAA Football 13 TV: "Son" (via EASPORTS)