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2012 ACC Football Kickoff: Where Will Boston College Finish In The 2012 Preseason Poll?

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The 2012 ACC Football Preseason Poll, as selected by the members of the media attending the ACC Football Kickoff, will be announced this coming Monday. So where do we think Boston College lands in the final poll?

Last season, the Eagles were picked to finish fourth in the Atlantic behind Florida State, Clemson and N.C. State. Boston College actually finished fifth with a 3-5 conference record, ahead of only 2-10 Maryland. Last season was only the second season where BC didn't meet or beat the media's preseason expectations as a member of the ACC.

Here's a look at the last seven years of ACC preseason polls as compared to the Eagles' actual results:

Year Preseason Poll Actual Finish Delta Conf. Record
2005 2 2 0 5-3
2006 3 2 1 5-3
2007 2 1 1 6-2
2008 4 1 3 5-3
2009 6 2 4 5-3
2010 3 4 (1) 4-4
2011 4 5 (1) 3-5

The consensus seems to be that Boston College will finish fourth in this year's preseason poll, edging out Wake Forest and well ahead of Maryland. Though I think the media throws Wake ahead of BC and the Eagles will finish fifth.

Best guess as to how the 2012 poll will look? Florida State, Clemson, N.C. State, Wake Forest, Boston College, Maryland in the Atlantic, and Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, North Carolina, Miami, Virginia and Duke in the Coastal.

Unlike past seasons, I think 1-3 in the Atlantic are already sewed up by Florida State, Clemson and N.C. State, respectively, with BC, Wake Forest and Maryland battling for spots 4-6.

Predictions on where BC will finish in the 2012 ACC Football Preseason Poll? Your thoughts?