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Report: Pecknold Turns Down UMass, Will Stay At Quinnipiac

And the plot thickens.

Despite reports earlier in the day stating that Rand Pecknold would be hired as the next head coach at UMass, USCHO is reporting that Pecknold will stay at Quinnipiac, turning down some good money to coach at the only school where he's ever been a head coach.

Pecknold was offered a lengthy contract with good financial incentives by Massachusetts, according to the source. But Pecknold turned that down as of Monday, the source said.

Quinnipiac made a counteroffer, the source said, and it now appears Pecknold is staying at the only school at which he's ever been a head coach.

While I wasn't privy to the contract negotiations, I've got to think that Pecknold rebuffing the Minutemen's contract offer will hurt UMass in filling the vacancy left by former coach Don Cahoon. In any case, for Boston College hockey, the Coach Cavanaugh / Coach Brown flight watch continues.