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NCAA Football 13: Boston College Player Ratings

One of the joys of the summer is the release of EA Sports' NCAA Football series. If you are like me, you head to your local video game store the day of the release, buy the game and crank out the most unrealistic Boston College team you could imagine. Top ranked recruits, BCS bowls, breaking single season records. I've done them all with the Eagles.

In years past the Eagles have had players ranked relatively high and given gamers some star power to take over games. Luke Kuechly, Mark Herzlich and Montel Harris all have had very high ratings in the past. But what about this year? Let's look at the overall ratings.

92 - Montel Harris

88 - Kevin Pierre-Louis
87 - Steele Divitto
85 - Rolandan Finch
84 - Sean Duggan
83 - Jim Noel, Colin Larmond Jr.
82 - Dominic Appiah, Sean Sylvia, Emmett Cleary
81 - Nate Freese, John Wetzel, Kasim Edebali, Chris Pantale
80 - Ian White

78 - Bobby Vardaro, Al Louis-Jean Jr., Alex Amidon

76 - Chase Rettig, Brian Mihalik
75 - James McCaffrey
74 - Nick Lifka
73 - Max Ricci, Nick Clancy, Josh Bordner, Dave Shinskie, Spenser Rositano

Yikes! One player above 90 and that player isn't even on the team anymore. Looks like you are going to have to be an excellent gamer if you plan on winning national titles with this team. Either that or play the game on Rookie mode.

What are your thoughts on the rankings? Too high, too low, just right?