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Montel Harris Transfer Watch: No Temple Run Yet

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It's been just over a month since all time rushing leader Montel Harris was unceremoniously dismissed from the Boston College Eagles for undisclosed rule violations. In that time no answers have emerged on what led to his dismissal, and now we are left to wonder where and if he will play next season.

Since the news broke, the favorite to win Harris's services has been Temple. They have many of his old coaches, and would be able to provide him with an immediate opportunity to play. But according to the Philly News Harris isn't any closer to joining the Owls:

There was a thought that Montel Harris would transfer to Temple after his dismissal from Boston College's football team in May.

The running back, who recently graduated from B.C., has one season of eligibility remaining. The Eagles' all-time leading rusher can play anywhere he likes immediately, assuming he takes graduate courses not offered at B.C.

Addazio was asked if he has added Harris or any other potential transfers to the roster.

"Not right now," he said.

Does this mean that Harris is not going to Temple? No, it just sounds like even if he was planning on going to the Owls the scholarship paperwork isn't done yet. Could he end up somewhere else? Absolutely. I think I can speak for all Eagles' fans when I say I hope he ends up somewhere next year and returns back to 2010 form, he deserves to end his career on a positive note. Of course we will monitor this story as it progresses.