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The BC Interruption Ballot For The SB Nation College Football Hall Of Fame

It's time to finish up our ballot for the SB Nation College Football Hall of Fame.

As a reminder, BC Interruption has a total of five ballots to cast, with a limit of one player per position and/or coach on our ballot. The very obvious choice for the Hall of Fame -- Doug Flutie -- is locked in, obviously, and with apologies to Matt Ryan. The other restriction is that the player must be out of school for a full four years.

The other wrinkle we are throwing into this is if we are stumped on a fifth nominee, we can take up the cause of a local college football great from a school not represented by SB Nation and add them to the ballot. Think: UMass, UConn or New Hampshire.

Suggestions the last time around included TE Pete Mitchell, Chris Snee or Tom Nalen to represent O-Line-U, DE Mathias Kiwanuka and RB William Green. But there wasn't really a consensus reached on anyone other than Flutie, so we're going to let you guys figure it out.

Here are the rules: The players with the highest four rec totals will get onto our ballot, provided that the players didn't play the same position.

Voting closes at 6 p.m. ET tomorrow. Campaigning in the comments is, as always, encouraged. Go.