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The Ultimate Boston College Football Game Series: Pool A

Last week BCI introduced the Ultimate Boston College Football Series, a way for us the fans to choose the game we feel is the pinnacle of BC football---since 2000. Earlier this week we unveiled the pools, and much drama was had, as many of you the readers had opinions about the potential matchups. Today we are going to start the competition. There are four competitors going into this round, and just like the Euro Cup, only two can survive. So here they are!

2004: Boston College 24 Notre Dame 23

BC started the scoring, with L.V Whitworth giving the Eagles an early lead. The game quickly went downhill for the Eagles, after Brady Quinn hit Matt Shelton for a TD, followed by a Quinn TD and a nine yard TD run by Darius Walker--with a big missed XP kick. But big INT's for DeJuan Tribble and Jazzmen Williams kept the Eagles in the game.

"At halftime I called everyone out, including myself, and told them to step up," Eagles linebacker Ray Henderson said. "I said, 'This is our season. We need this win."

Trailing 20-7 at halftime the Eagles storm back against the Fighting Irish in South Bend. Paul Peterson hit Joel Hazard with a beautiful 21 yard touchdown pass. The Eagles sealed the victory with a memorable touchdown from Peterson to Anthony Gonzalez in the back of the end zone with :58 seconds left.

2001: Boston College 20 Georgia 16 (Music City Bowl)

Ending an up an down season for the Eagles, BC went into the Music City Bowl as underdogs against #19 Georgia. And for good reason, BC had lost to ranked opponents 21 times in a row. This game was all Willie Green, who ran for 146 yards on 26 attempts. Green, who had been suspended in the Aloha Bowl the year before, and against Miami earlier in the year, scored the go ahead touchdown with 4 minutes remaining. Brian St. Pierre and the BC defensive also had fantastic games, as St. Pierre put BC in position to score the final touchdown, and the defense pestered UGA quarterback David Greene into four turnovers. BC left with a victory, and a Music City Bowl banner to hang at Alumni Stadium

2005: Boston College 16 Clemson 13 (OT)

Many great stories in this game. Boston College gets their first ACC conference win against Clemson, in Death Valley. First and Toal to win it. Matt Ryan replaces an injured Quinton Porter.

The Eagles started the game off with a Matt Ryan sneak into the end zone, followed by a field goal by Ryan Ohliger. Things could have gotten a lot better for the Eagles, but Ryan was intercepted in the end zone by Jamaal Fudge. Then the BC offense went silent as Clemson came back to tie the game.

The game goes into overtime, and Clemson starts with a field goal, BC pushed their drive to the goal. Just a week earlier BC had struggled with the same situation against FSU. But this game was different, as linebacker Brian Toal bulldozed his way into the endzone to give the Eagles their first ACC win.

2006: Boston College 24 Florida State 19

Just a year removed from the heartbreaking loss at home to the Seminoles, BC went down to Doak Stadium and upset FSU on the road. BC fell behind 10-7 to a FSU team dressed all in black, after Drew Weatherford hit Greg Carr. But after that Matt Ryan and the BC defense put on a show in the 2nd quarter that led to 21 unanswered points. BC started their scoring with a touchdown by Brian Toal, followed by a field goal by Superfan---now field goal kicker Steve Aponavicious. The quarter was capped off by a wild 36 yard INT for a touchdown by DeJuan Tribble.

FSU tried to come back, but their attempt was thwarted by Larry Anam who intercepted Weatherford in the endzone as time expired.

BC quarterback Matt Ryan completed 16 of 26 passes for 262 yards and the Eagles limited Florida State to 28 yards rushing.

"He's our offense," O'Brien said about his junior quarterback, whose availability was in doubt all week because of an injured left foot. "He's the focal point of everything."

So there you have it, your four opening round games. Now it is your turn to choose. You only get one vote, and a week to make your case. Two will move on, after voting closes next Thursday at 5pm. Remember, pick based on the following criteria

Your vote should go to whatever game is most memorable to you. Did it excite you? Do you remember every play like it was yesterday? Do you get all hot and bothered when someone mentions the game?