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Favorite Boston College Football Highlight: Virginia Tech 2007

Brian Favat (BC Interruption)
Brian Favat (BC Interruption)

One of SBNation's lovely sponsors Samsung asked the blogs a simple question. What was their favorite highlight from the team that they cover. As a BC fan this is tough, because as much as we have dealt with some crummy years lately, there have been some fantastic moments in our school's history. To whittle down the possibilities, I wanted to stick with memories I actually remember, so that removed anything Doug Flutie related, and the '93 game against Notre Dame--I was 11. Once that was established, there was one game that stuck out more than any other. That would be Boston College vs. Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, 2007.

October 25, 2007.

This game had it all. #2 Boston College was going into Blacksburg, a stadium they normally struggled in, playing out of their minds under new head coach Jeff Jagodzinski. #8 Virginia Tech was revved up, and the crowd was wild. BC had the offensive weapons led by NFL prospect Matt Ryan, and Virginia Tech had one of the nation's top defenses. Add into that terrible weather conditions and going into the Thursday night game, we all knew this was going to be a wild game. And boy was it.

Let's fast forward a little. Going into the 4th quarter Boston College was trailing 10-0, after an 8 yard touchdown pass from Sean Glennon to Eddie Royal and a 44 yard field goal from Jud Dunleavy. Boston College's offense was struggling, just look at the drive break downs going into the 4th quarter.

13:31 1 02:08 BC 9 6 13 Punt
08:27 1 04:18 BC 14 8 35 Punt
03:13 1 00:29 VT 39 3 -5 Punt
10:23 2 01:48 BC 35 3 -7 Punt
06:32 2 03:50 BC 30 8 28 Punt
02:38 2 00:33 VT 19 4 -4 Turnover on Downs
15:00 3 00:13 BC 20 3 32 Interception
13:28 3 01:44 BC 28 3 9 Punt
10:23 3 01:36 BC 39 3 6 Punt
05:26 3 03:27 BC 26 8 11 Punt

That is a total of 118 yards, 8 punts with a turnover thrown in there which looks a lot like some of the BC offenses we have seen of late. But this team was different. In the fourth quarter Matt Ryan went from great BC quarterback, to a quarterback of legend. After yet another punt, and yet another INT, Matt got things cooking. On back to back plays Ryan hit Brandon Robinson for passes of 23 and 22 yards. After an incompletion, Matty then nailed Ryan Purvis for a 20 yard pass, and even showed his legs on a 11 yard first down scramble. The 92 yard drive was capped off with a beautiful 16 yard pass to Richie Gunnell for a touchdown. Even with three quarters of futility, and only 4 minutes remaining, BC was back in the game.

It was all up to walk on Superfan Steve Aponavicius to give BC a chance. And that he did, perfectly executing an onside kick that was recovered by the Eagles. Matt Ryan was given his chance to secure his place in BC lore. Avoiding pressure from VT lineman, Ryan hit Robinson for 20 yards, and Gunnell for 15. With 58 seconds left, the Eagles were called for a holding call, making it 3rd and 20. To cap off the unbelievable night Ryan scrambled and hit Andre Callender in the end zone, giving the Eagles the lead, and sealing an improbable BC win.

October 25, 2007 was a night many Eagles' fans will never forget. Ryan in the clutch, vomiting on the sidelines, Jeff Jagodzinski jumping up and down on the sideline in elation, and a nation of BC fans elatedl about their team. For me this was the pinnacle point of being a BC football fan.

Now it's up to you. Samsung wants to know, what is your favorite BC football highlight? Make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments!