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Boston College Football Recruiting Improving

Under Tom O'Brien, we can remember recruits coming to campus regularly and having great things to say about the staff, the campus, and the players. In Spaz's first three years, we did not hear much of that. After TOB left we went from a having a recruit who had a list of something like Temple, Kent State, Rutgers, Syracuse, and BC almost always picking BC to not knowing if we were only going to lose recruits who had offers from schools like LSU, Florida, Alabama, USC and Ohio State but if we were going to lose any recruit we offered to any one of 100 different schools. Jags obviously managed to still get some recruits he wanted and managed to mix them with the current players to yield some great success on the field. Spaz however has largely struck out with recruiting so far. There might be a great group of guys in that locker room, but not the correct mix of guys to really compete in the ACC. With the majority of our impact players entering their junior season, this is the year to find out if there is any method to Spaz's madness.

Fortunately though, there is reason to be optimistic coming out of the mouth's of potential 2013 recruits. As A.J. pointed out last week, there have been plenty of recruits saying a lot of good things about their visits to BC recently. Now today, Cory Jasudowich said:

"BC is definitely on the top of my list right now. The moment I got to that campus I fell in love with it and the coaches are unbelievable and I can picture myself at that school. I'm still going to wait it out a few more days and then decide."

The LB has BC at the top of his list as he waits to see what happens with Maryland, Penn State and some other schools. If we do land him as a recruit it won't simply be because no other major conference school showed interest. And even if we don't end up winning this recruiting battle at least the coaches have some positive things going lately so we have a fighting chance.

A few months was anyone describing our coaching staff as unbelievable with a positive connotation?