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Rating the Returning ACC Quarterbacks: Where Does Chase Rettig Land?

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Earlier last week ACC Associate Commissioner (Broadcasting, Communications, Football) Mike Kelly tweeted out an impressive fact about the ACC.

Ten, that is impressive number, with only two not returning (Jacory Harris and Danny O'Brien). As a Boston College fan, it makes you wonder. Where does Chase Rettig rank among these QB's? Now mind you, when looking at these rankings, I am basing it off of last years numbers. This isn't based on Rettig's potential, or what Doug Martin could do to fix the offense. It's based purely off what he did in 2011 as well as factoring things such as talent around the QB.

So based on the base statistics here are my ratings:

1. E.J Manuel- FSU (2,666 Yards, 18 TD's, 8 Ints 151.3 rating)- Though he didn't throw the most touchdowns, or most yards, Manuel gets the nod for top QB because of his efficiency with the football. He wasn't asked to do everything for FSU, so his touchdown numbers aren't as gawdy, but he was 2nd in the ACC in passing completion percentage, and QB rating. He also got the most out of his passes, leading the ACC with 8.8 yards per pass.

2. Mike Glennon- NC State (3054 yards, 31 TD's 12 Ints 136.8 rating)- In his first year as a starter for the Wolfpack, Glennon was everything TOB hoped he would be, albeit he was not Russell Wilson. Efficient (62.5% pass completion percentage), and lethal through the air, the argument could be made that Glennon was the best pocket passer in the ACC.

3. Tajh Boyd- Clemson. (3828 yards, 59.7% completion, 33 TD's, 12 Ints). Just looking at his gawdy numbers I was inclined to put Boyd at the top of the list, but then I remembered that he has two of the best wide receivers in the country. I am pretty sure if you put Glennon and Manuel with DeAndre Hopkins and Sammy Watkins, they would be throwing for these numbers. Boyd was near the bottom in pass completion percentage, but still strong numbers everywhere else.

4. Bryce Renner- UNC (3086 yards, 68% completion, 26 TD's, 13 ints). Is there a QB in the ACC that is more over looked than Renner? Honestly, I had no idea he put together these kind of numbers last year. Top in the ACC in pass completion %, passer rating, and yards per pass. He only slipped to number four because of his propensity to throw the INT.

5. Logan Thomas- Virginia Tech (3013 yards, 59.8% completion, 19 TDs, 10 Ints). I'm sure the VT readers out there are going to crucify me for this, but this is just based on last years numbers, which were Thomas' first as a starter. Now if you were to ask me where he lands at the end of 2012, I would put him at #1, or #2, but there is still a season of football to be played before he can climb that high.

6. Sean Renfree- Duke (2882 yards, 64.9% completion, 14 TD's, 11 Ints). Because Duke is Duke, they have to pass a lot, so Renfree is expected to do a lot. He torched BC last year, which isn't saying much, but he has a great skill set and I imagine he would have much better numbers if he wasn't playing for Duke.

7. Tanner Price- Wake Forest (3017 yards, 60.0% completion, 20 TD's, 6 Ints). Just like Tahj Boyd gets knocked down because he is surrounded by stud wide receivers, I must do the same to Price who threw 20 TD's --9 of those to Chris Givens. He is a solid QB, and it should really be interesting to see how he matures this year.

8. Michael Rocco- UVA (2671 yards, 60.7% completion, 13 TDs, 12 Ints). Rocco had solid completion percentage numbers, but he suffers the same INT/TD ratio bug that bites Chase Rettig. He was just a sophomore last year, and Hoos fans are expecting a lot from Rocco this year.

9. Chase Rettig- Boston College (1978 yards, 53.6% completion 12 TDS, 9 Ints) Hurray I didn't put him last! At this point I feel bad for the kid, we all know the story, he is on his fourth Offensive Coordinator is his three years at the Heights. That has got to do a number on Rettig's comfort level, and his raw numbers reflect that. This is a make or break year for the junior, and we might actually get to see what he is made of.

10. Tevin Washington - Georgia Tech (1652 yards, 49.9% completion 11 TDS, 9 Ints). Only a quarterback by name, Washington is more of a field marshall, managing the option play down in Georgia Tech. He isn't expected to do all that much other than lob the ball to whatever running back the play dictates, and his statistics reflect that.

So there is my order, my top 10. I am sure this is going to get me screamed at by not only BC fans and readers, but other ACC schools that feel I slighted them. Hey, I did the best I could, the ACC has a pretty talented group of QB's with very similar numbers.

Now it's your turn, leave your top 10 in the comments.