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A Recruiting Battle Lost To Brock And Rutgers And The Big Finish

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Brian: While Frank Spaziani and the Eagles already have two QBs signed for the Class of 2013, the Eagles missed out on New York QB recruit Chris Laviano who committed to Rutgers on Friday. Laviano is the No. 2-ranked prospect in New York by ESPN and the No. 10 overall pocket passer. Similarly, Rivals had him second in the state. Scout at No. 7. Laviano chooses Rutgers over an offer from Boston College. Maryland and Ole Miss, among others, also showed interest.

The more interesting part of the story is it sounds like a former Eagles staffer was able to lure Laviano to Piscataway over Chestnut Hill.

He was enticed by the high energy around Flood and a program that has grown into one of the best in the Big East. Laviano, who said he followed Rutgers all last season, was already being recruited by offensive coordinator Dave Brock, who was on Laviano when he was at Boston College.

"I think it's a really good fit for Rutgers and for myself," he said.

Two questions. Can you ever have enough QBs in one recruiting class? And are you at all concerned that Brock was able to recruit this kid to Rutgers and away from the Heights? Your thoughts?

Jeff: Are we disappointed any time we lose out on a recruit? Of course. Can you have too many QB recruits? No. A lot of athletes that are initially recruited as a quarterback end up switching to other positions in college in addition to the fact that having numerous potential QBs on the squad is not at all a bad thing.

As far as Brock taking a recruit with him to Rutgers, this is not something that is very unusual as coaches switch teams in the offseason. Especially when it is a move for the coach within the same geographic region as Rutgers and BC are, any coach that has been hitting the recruiting trail is going to try to keep in touch with any recruits that he has already had a relationship with. Especially if the school he is heading to has a greater need for that position than the school he left, it might be fairly easy to lure the recruit away from the school that previously employed the coach. When Lane Kiffin left Tennessee for USC, you might remember that UT was on a recruiting roll but all that momentum stopped with his departure as he was able to take most of the talent with him to USC. That left Vols fans quite unhappy.

Big Finish

Brian: Here's a look at the soon-to-be-installed Alumni Stadium AstroTurf. Like the subtle tweaks to the turf?

Jeff: Subtle being the key word I guess. I was hoping for a gold endzone at the student section end.

Jeff: If Clemson could finish every season ranked in the BCS standings as high as their recruiting class ranked, the ACC would not have been threatened by a mass exodus to the Big 12 and other conferences. Correct?

Brian: And if Florida State could finish every season ranked where they start the season. Yes.

Brian: EA's Eric Hoffses is reporting that Montel Harris will play at Temple this year. Do you expect him to rebound and play well this season?

Jeff: I would not be surprised if he can hit 1,000 yards but don't expect the true Montel of old to show where he would be rushing for almost 2,000 yards against Temple's schedule.

Jeff: Frank Spaziani is to east coast college football followers what Mike Riley is to west coast college football followers. Did I get that analogy correct? I took the SATs a long time ago.

Brian: I don't know. BC is a much better college football coaching gig than Oregon State historically.

Brian: The 2012-13 ACC men's basketball schedule rotation is out. Hosting both North Carolina and Duke should give a much needed boost to attendance this year, no?

Jeff: Absolutely. And this will of course happen more often with the 18 game schedule now.

Jeff: Happy Father's Day! Is your favorite BC book to read your daughter Hello Baldwin? My Daddy Loves Boston College Football? Or do you have another favorite?

Brian: Hello Baldwin is a bit dated with the TOB cameo. There really needs to be a children's book dedicated to Coach York and the hockey program.

Brian: Last one. The debate of this college football offseason is a college football playoff. What format will the eventual playoff take on?

Jeff: I think it will end up being a four team playoff of the four best teams unfortunately. I think conference champ should be a requirement.