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The End Of A BC Institution: Presto's Pizza Closes

Over the past week, word has trickled out that famed Boston pizzeria Presto's has closed its doors. Located in Cleveland Circle, Presto's has served hungry/drunk Boston College students for years. Their gigantic slices, sweet and savory sauce and cheap prices made it a favorite spot for anyone looking for great New York style pizza. No matter the time of day, you could always count on the same experience, quick and delicious pizza, always hot and fresh off the oven.

And now it's gone.

With the closing of Presto's, also ends one of the most important debates among BC students. Everyone at BC has picked from one of two pizzerias to align themselves with. If you attended Boston College or lived in the Allston-Brighton era you have at least identified yourself once as a "Prestos" or "Pinos" guy/gal. Or, if you are like me, this has turned into a heated debate with words said that were completely inappropriate. And I'm sure I am not the only one who has felt this way.

For me, I was a Presto's guy, as a person of habit, I tried them first when I came to BC and loved it ever since. But in the end it will be Pino's that reigns victorious, as they will remain the lone pizza shop in Cleveland Circle to battle out the likes of Pizza Etc. and Dominos (ick). No, Roggies late night does not count.

It's days like this that make me feel old, and well kind of sad. I loved Presto's, talked it up to friends and family, and during the basketball season I would make at least one trip over to Cleveland Circle to grab my usual. Two slices of Pepperoni with a medium Diet Coke for 4.75 plus tax. Now that experience is all in the past. The BC Class of 2016 will enter the Heights only hearing the legend of Presto's, and never getting to experience it themselves. It seems to me that those kids are missing out on a landmark that thousands of BC students before them indulged themselves with.

Sorry if I am waxing poetic about a pizzeria, it's just Presto's meant a lot to me and I am really going to miss it. Pathetic I know. Leave your fondest Presto's thoughts and memories in the comments. I am going to cry into a slice of pizza right now.