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The SB Nation College Football Hall of Fame: A Call For Boston College Nominations

In these quiet months of summer, the great folks at SB Nation are always looking for ways to keep readers interested. Of course the blogs will be providing expert analysis and previews of the 2012 season, but the blogs like to do other series such as last year's Conference Re-Alignment Project. Keeps things fresh and interesting when there isn't much news to talk about

This year the boys at SB Nation are creating their own college football Hall of Fame and they are reaching out to the blogs for nominations. Here are the rules:

  • There will be one player selected from all of the following positions: QB, RB, WR, TE, OL, DL, LB, DB, ST, Coach
  • There will be a super secret SB Nation Selection Committee, housed in a bunker somewhere in Wyoming that will select players later this summer based off of fan nominations.
  • Hall of Fame nominations should be someone you have seen play or coach at some point, even if just on television.
  • Eligible Players: For players or inactive coaches, the nominee should have been out of college for four full years. So the first class would cover 1962 to players and coaches who finished their career by 2007 (bowls of January 2008). The other option for active coaches OR coaches who haven't been inactive for four years is that they were at their current position for at least five seasons. (Position, NOT school.) So Matt Ryan is eligible, but Luke Kuechly and Mark Herzlich are not.

So in the interest of making this easy for all of you this is how BC Interruption will nominate players. You the readers will write out a quick paragraph in the comment section. Other readers will "like" a comment, by next weekend the position player with the highest "likes" will be pushed forward to the selection committee. House keeping note: one comment per player, meaning if someone nominates Doug Flutie, that will be it, if you agree like that comment.

Time to show some BC pride. Get nominating!