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ESPN Believes Boston College Football Could Turn It Around In 2012

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It's Heather Dinich day here at BC Interruption today. Our favorite ESPN personality posted a list yesterday of team's that could turn it around in 2012. Number one on that list was Wake Forest, whom HD predicts will continue their improvements after a surprising 2011. Second on that list? Boston College.

2. Boston College: The Eagles could be one of the surprise teams in the ACC in 2012. Last year's roster was filled with underclassmen, including quarterback Chase Rettig. The running back position has enough depth even without Montel Harris, and first-year coordinator Doug Martin said the offensive line should be one of the team's most improved groups. The receivers remain a question. The defense -- and entire team -- will miss linebacker Luke Kuechly, but with 16 starters back, including seven on defense, the Eagles should be able to still show improvement.

It's not going to be hard to show some improvement over 2011, because last year was a very difficult season to watch.

On the offensive side of the ball HD is very quick to accept Doug Martin's assurance that the offensive line will improve, but for most of us watching the game, that has to be the key to this season. If Chase Rettig spends most of the year on the run, and can never find a rhythm because opposing D's are shredding the line, then it's hard to see how the offense will improve over last year's paltry production.

On defense the loss of Luke Kuechly seems understated. They just lost arguably the best defender to ever play at the Heights, that is a huge hole to fill. Just because BC has a bunch of returners coming back doesn't automatically mean they are going to improve, especially with the loss of Kuechly. That being said there is talent there may fill Kuechly's void, and if there is any position that could play strong this year my guess is it will be the linebackers. My biggest question going into this season, and it's something that hasn't been answered yet is whether or not the defensive line and secondary play will improve. Last in the nation in sacks, and allowing about 250 yards a game isn't going to win games. Dominic Appiah, Kaleb Ramsey and someone/anyone in the secondary is going to need to step up to solidify those positions.

Now it's time to see what you think. Do you agree with HD and think that BC has the potential to turn it around this season, or do you believe that Doug Martin and a year of seasoning will not be enough? Leave it in the comments.