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Boston College Basketball: Matt Humphrey Transferring To West Virginia


After playing just one year with the Boston College Eagles, Matt Humphrey decided to transfer to West Virginia to finish up his years of NCAA eligibility. Before Tuesday, we knew that Humphrey was planning on transferring, but we were yet to hear where he planned on playing. reported Tuesday that West Virginia was the ultimate landing spot.

In the very small report about the transfer, the site refers to Humphrey as the Eagles' second leading scorer. And while that's true, his 10.3 points per game were second only to Ryan Anderson's 11.2 points per game, he wasn't exactly efficient. Humphrey shot just 35% from the field and 31.3% from behind the arc. He also led the team in shot attempts.

It's pretty clear that this BC basketball team is in it's infant stages of a rebuilding process and for all the talent that Humphrey possesses, he simply wasn't right for this team. A bunch of freshman and sophomores don't need a veteran guard simply chucking shots and making questionable basketball decisions. Naturally, we wish Matt the best with the rest of his basketball career but I don't want people to get the wrong idea about this transfer. This isn't players leaving the program because of Coach Donahue's ability or the direction of the organization. This was simply a player that didn't fit with the needs of our team and would be better suited in a different environment.

Since Matt Humphrey graduated from Boston College last year, he is eligible to play at West Virginia right away.