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Boston College Football Recruiting Update: Positive Camp For Eagles Recruits

Recruiting has been an unexpected positive story going into this upcoming summer. Many fans had a sour taste in their mouth after a less than stellar 2012 class left many holes unfilled for the BC Eagles. However it appears that Spaz and Co. have ratcheted up their efforts, snaring five solid recruits early in the 2013 process including Tim Boyle, Andrew Isaacs and Jack Cotrell.

This weekend BC held their summer camp for recruits. and by all accounts it went very well. Just listen to some of the sparkling reviews given by BC recruits many from Florida.

First Nick Internicola, from Florida who grew up in Boston.

"The trip right now has been real good," said Internicola. "I like it a lot up here."

Great. Seems positive, like the enthusiasm. Now Neil Morrison, a safety from Florida:

"It’s great. I love the campus. I love the environment. I love the people," he said. "What I want to see [from other schools], honestly, is what I see here at Boston College. This is just great."

Florida Wide Receiver Dionte Taylor had the most mind-blowing description from his trip to BC:

"The trip has been flawless so far," he said. "I’m attracted to a lot of stuff I’m seeing. The vibe I’m getting from the people, I really like it. I’m liking the camaraderie of the team, too. When we got up here, they embraced us and were talking about where we could fit in."

Flawless? Boston College? Dang Spaz, what did you show him?

Great things to hear all around. Now not many recruits would come out of a camp and slam the school, but these three kids seem very happy with what they saw at Boston College. It is now up to the coaching staff to lock them down before other schools change their minds.