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BC Interruption Presents The Ultimate Boston College Football Game Contest

momah baseball bat
momah baseball bat

It's summer time, Boston College sports is on hiatus until August and news is a little slow. If you were around last summer, you probably participated in BC Interruption's epic summer series the "Ultimate BC Bar Challenge," ultimately won by Roggies. This summer the brains at BCI have come up with a new contest. This time around, it's a little more athletics-centric.

One of the greatest discussion BC fans have involves the most memorable BC football games. Whether they have been to the actual game, watched it on TV, or just read about it after, there are many games that live in BC lore. This contest strives to find the game that BC fans feel is THE game that highlights the program like no other, and one that sticks out in your mind.

This contest will focus on all games from 2000 to the present. Why 2000? Because in the words of my editor Brian Favat "That's when Jeff & I were freshman at BC." Valid point. So we are going with 32 games. Now if this was just the Spaziani years, this would never work, but throw in the Tom O'Brien and Jags years and we have a solid lineup of games to pick from.

Instead of doing this contest bracket style like the Ultimate Bar Challenge we are going to change it up this year. Like many of you, I am fascinated with the UEFA Euro 2012 Tournament going on right now, so I am just going to go ahead and rip off their format. Here is how the challenge will play out:

Week 1 - Unveiling the eight groups of four
Week 2 - Group A-D Qualifying Round (Introduction of all four participants, vote for one. Top two vote getters advance to Round of 16)
Week 3 - Group E-G Qualifying Round
Week 4 - Round of 16 matchups
Week 5 - Round of 16 matchups
Week 6 - Quarterfinals
Week 7 - Semifinals
Week 8 - Championship

That is how this whole challenge will work. Now let's start talking about what games will be included. Of course we will see the Virginia Tech game in Blacksburg in 2007 and the epic win against Notre Dame in 2004. What about the games during the Spaziani Era? How about some of the epic smack downs against Tom O'Brien or UConn back in the Big East days?

Your vote should go to whatever game is most memorable to you. Did it excite you? Do you remember every play like it was yesterday? Do you get all hot and bothered when someone mentions the game? That game should be in the contest!

We have a rough 32 already picked out already, but this is YOUR contest and we want your opinions heard. So tell your friends, fellow BC alumni, former football players/coaches, to come by and nominate (in the comments) and vote during the summer. Enjoy, because this is certainly going to be an interesting summer.