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Boston College Football Chaos Theory and the Big Finish

Brian: SI's Andy Staples built on Spencer Hall's better to be lucky than good article to re-forecast the entire college football timeline after changing just one play back in 2004. In Staples alternative reality, Urban Meyer goes on to coach the Fighting Irish, Chip Kelly ends up the OC at Florida State and later the head coach of Auburn and Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Colorado all end up in the Pac-16.

It's a tremendous read with a sad ending. In an effort to keep up with the Pac-16, the SEC poaches Florida State, Miami and Virginia Tech, while the Big Ten grabs North Carolina, Virginia and Georgia Tech from the ACC. The remaining Big East and ACC schools merge where the Eagles find themselves in a conference that includes Connecticut, Syracuse, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Maryland, Duke, Louisville?, Wake Forest, N.C. State, Clemson and West Virginia.

This got me thinking. What one play of the last decade of BC football if, you could do it over, would have changed the course of history for the Eagles?

Would it be Matt Ryan's INT to Geno Hayes in the 2007 loss to Florida State? Steve Aponavicius' on-side kick attempt the following week down in College Park? Maybe BC's block PAT returned for a 2-point conversion in the 2007 ACC Championship Game? Maybe a year earlier, Matt Ryan's late game INT in the Wake Forest endzone, giving the Deacons the head-to-head tiebreaker and a spot in the 2006 title game? Or the opening Ryan Ohligher kickoff returned 90 yards for a TD in the 2005 game at North Carolina?

Your thoughts?

Jeff: If BC had won more consecutive games in 2007 and then still not won the ACCCG, Jags still would have been gone at the end of the following season. If however, that blocked PAT had not been returned for a TD in Jacksonville against Virginia Tech, BC might have gone on to with the Championship and been headed to the Orange Bowl that season. Then, a year later, when Jags still would have talked to the Jets or any other team willing to talk, GDF would have been in no way able to pull the trigger and fire Jags if he had brought BC a conference championship. Jags still would have been overlooked for other positions and then would have lasted at least one or two more seasons at the Heights.

BC football would not have taken the huge step back it took last season, Josh Haden never would have transferred, Montel Harris would not have been utilized as much as he was and possibly never had the initial late season knee injury in 2010 and BC football would just be in a very different place from where it is now. BC would not be a national powerhouse or anything and some fans would be complaining about Jags' recruiting or lack thereof, but there would have been a lot more Ws next to our schedule last season and we would have been bowling somewhere.

Big Finish

Brian: Pre-Snap Read's Paul Myerberg has the Terrapins 86th on his countdown with a dream prediction of 8-4 and a nightmare prediction of 2-10. Closer to eight wins or two for Maryland in 2012?

Jeff: Closer to 2 wins for the Terps. When we think BC is in trouble, we turn and are thankful we are not Maryland right now.

Jeff: If you want to think positively about BC football, talk with Doug Martin. So far far he seems to be confident in the his own ability to get the offense headed in the right direction.

Brian: Let's hope Spaz gives Martin free reign to run the offense this year.

Brian: The BC at Northwestern game is a 3:30 (2:30 central) start. You surprised? And does this increase your chances of making the trip to Evanston this year?

Jeff: Not surprised and not changing the chances of me going.

Jeff:Jared Dudley was among the many who were not happy with the split decision that gave Douglas the victory of Pacquio last night. Was it rigged or do you not care?

Brian: What fight? There was a fight last night?

Brian: Xavier HC Sean Marinan thinks BC's newest QB commit Tim Boyle can "go all the way (to the NFL)." You excited about this commitment?

Jeff: I'm excited to get any commitments these days and I am hoping there is truth to the comments otherwise hopefully he doesn't win the starting job at BC.

Jeff: Florida State and N.C. State are the only teams still alive for the College World Series from the ACC and we're not even to Omaha yet. Would FSU winning a baseball national champship change the perception of the league this year or would it be too little too late?

Brian: I think it's too little too late but wouldn't hurt.

Brian: Last one. Doug Martin doesn't see BC using two QBs this year. Is a BC QB controversy the biggest non-story of the summer dead period?

Jeff: There's no QB controversy. Rettig will play.