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Boston College Athletics Announces Changes To Student Ticket Packages For 2012-13

via <a href="">Graham Beck, Heights Sports editor</a>
via Graham Beck, Heights Sports editor

Brian: Athletics recently announced that they would be raising the price of student season tickets for the 2012-13 season. Football student season tickets will go from $120 to $125, while hockey tickets will be raised from $90 to $100. The rising cost of the hockey tickets is explained by an expectation that there will be more home games this season. Last year, the Eagles played one less game at home than they did on the road in Hockey East play and just one of BC's non-conference games was played at Conte (the Denver game).

Football has one less home game this year -- from seven to six games -- but the increase is explained by the fact that ticket prices haven't "been raised in a while and the great home schedule."

Basketball teams presumably will remain flat this year because there were plenty of good seats to be had during the year last year.

In addition, the school will bring back the Superfan package which hasn't been around since you and I were on campus.

"A Superfan package, which has not been offered since 2000, will be reinstated and can now be purchased by students for next season. The package will provide students with season tickets to all three revenue sports with a $40 discount from the price of buying the three packages individually. The addition of this new package, as well as retaining the ability to purchase these tickets through a student's online account on Agora, is seen as a major positive by the Athletic Department, especially for BC's most avid student sports fans."

Overall, do you feel that the student ticket price and package changes will encourage more student participation at games? What other ticketing policies would you like to see the department explore to put more students in the Alumni Stadium and Conte Forum seats?

Jeff: Our freshman year tickets were $60 per sport for the entire season for students. Then I think the Superfan discount allowed you to get all three sports for $150. It is pretty hard to believe that football student tickets have now more than doubled. But if you look at the prominence of college football now nationally compared to where it was in 2000, there are no surprises there and I do not think that the price increase will have any negative effect on attendance.

For hockey I also don't think that the price increase will negatively affect student attendance. But the effect on basketball and maybe hockey both should be positive based on reinstating this student Superfan package discount. If you are someone that wanted both football and hockey, or football and basketball, why not spend a little more money to get the third sport?

Most incoming freshman, I now imagine, would have gotten football and hockey given that we are defending National Champions, and will now throw in basketball. The incremental cost is not significant enough that even if you only make three basketball games, it is still worth adding on the season tickets and then if basketball popularity picks up, at least students out there already have the tickets in hand and will start filling the stands quicker than if season student tickets do not sell out.

Overall, because of the reinstated discount, I think the changes are great. The football only people will still buy only football but more students will get all three sports. However, I do not like that students are sometimes paying more than the general public at football games. The ticket office offers $15 tickets every season to multiple of the less popular games. This means that at those games students ended up paying more for their tickets than other fans. Since we have had 7 home games most seasons leading up to this year, this will be the first time that students are paying $20 or more per game. I know that this is a lot more expensive than the SEC public university I live near. At the University of South Carolina, student football tickets are free.