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2012 Non-Conference Football Scheduling: ACC > Big 12

The Oklahoman's Berry Tramel recently ranked the non-conference football schedules of both the ACC and the Big 12, noting how unimpressive the conferences slate of games are in 2012.

It's an embarrassment. It's an abomination. The next time you hear anyone in the Big 12 crowing about what a great football league it has, dismiss it summarily. Remember that autumn Saturdays against Western Illinois and Sam Houston State are the opposite of great.

I don't care that the Big 12's non-conference schedule is no worse than other leagues, including the SEC's. Situational ethics might pass muster in life or death scenarios. Not in college football. You want to play South Dakota State and James Madison, fine? Just know that it brands you as a wuss.

In comparison, the ACC's schedule is filled with far fewer body bags.

ACC teams actually play a competitive, entertaining schedule. I know it's a beleaguered conference. I know it's gone in one year from a hunter to the hunted. I know it sees itself as a basketball conference. Maybe that's why it plays big-boy football in September (and November, with Clemson-South Carolina, Florida State-Florida, Georgia Tech-Georgia).

I don't know the reason and I don't care. The ACC embarrasses the Big 12 when it comes to non-conference scheduling.


And for those of you wondering, Boston College's scheduled ranked as the seventh toughest in the conference, one behind Florida State and ahead of Wake Forest, Virginia Tech, N.C. State ("decent schedule"?), North Carolina and Duke. The Eagles' schedule would be the toughest non-conference slate in the Big 12. Wimps.