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The Voice Of Boston College To Become The Voice Of The Boston Red Sox?

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Earlier this season, Red Sox PA announcer Carl Beane was tragically killed in a motor vehicle accident. Beane was known for his booming baritone, and love for the Red Sox. After taking a day of silence, and trying out other interim candidates--including BC PA announcer Andy Jick, the Sox may be looking at another BC staple to take over the PA duties at Fenway Park.

Jon Meterparel, the voice of BC atheletics, who has been a staple on WEEI--both in the studio as well as announcing BC football and basketball games, is getting a chance to step up to the big time at Fenway. On Wednesday morning's Dennis & Callahan show, Red Sox president Larry Lucchino announced that Meter would be getting an audition with the Red Sox:

We are going to be auditioning a number of people. It’s a highly sought-after position, but our college of cardinals over at Fenway was considering various possibilities and we thought we should invite [Meterparel] to step up to this position and see how it goes…"

Lucchino said it would be a competition and the team would go through a list and try to determine some finalists for the position. Lucchino also said he’s been speaking to his assistant, Dr. Charles Steinberg, about an idea to have the PA announcer say the balls and strikes count after each pitch, but said since no one has done this, he would have to get permission from Major League Baseball "down the road."

"I would be absolutely honored [to tryout] …" Meterparel said. "This is on my bucket list to do PA at Fenway for one game."

While losing Meter would certainly be a blow, you have to root for him in this case. It would be a huge opportunity for him. Best of luck Meter, I hope he announces walk offs with calls like "DAVID ORTIZ TAKE A BOW!"