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Boston College Football: Hot Seat Predictions For Spaz And GDF

Frank Spaziani has been at the top of the list for months now but their 2012 season predictions for the Eagles came out this morning which has GDF and Spaz both looking for work by December. Since they predict a 4-8 (2-6 ACC) season, that end result is very likely. I think finishing towards the bottom of the ACC will certainly hurt both of their chances of being on the Heights this time next season but it might actually be the lack of success with the out of conference schedule under Spaz that truly does them both in.

Spaz's best non-conference win in the last two seasons will have only been beating Army. In his entire career in non-conference play, his marquee win will have been a victory over Syracuse. At the end of this season, Spaz will have coached four full years and with usually two legitimate out of conference opponents and season plus theoretically a bowl matchup most years. One win over Syracuse in what should have been 12 chances just simply is not going to cut it.

So if BC does go 4-8, Joe at Coaches Hot Seat predicts both the HC and AD will be gone. No surprise here. The real debate will start happening if the program gets to five or six wins this year as that will probably be one or two wins too few for both to keep their jobs and one win too many for both to lose their job.