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Clearing Up Any College Football Logo Confusion

The Wall Street Journal's Jared Diamond recently noted that several media outlets have had a hard time figuring out which teams are playing in the NBA and NHL playoffs. Last month, a Florida TV station botched the Florida Panthers' logo, instead showing the logo of the nearby Florida International Golden Panthers.

Just last week, NBC Los Angeles aired a segment entitled "Playoff Payoff" to profile the profile runs of the city's three pro teams -- the Los Angeles Lakers, the Los Angeles Clippers and the L.A. Kings. However, the station inexplicably slapped a Sacramento Kings logo on the screen instead of the Los Angeles Kings logo. It's not like the L.A. Kings are four games away from their first Stanley Cup in franchise history or anything.

To ensure something like this never happens, here's a logo guide for Boston College football's 2012 opponents. You know, for when the Boston media starts paying attention to Eagles football again. Like, this September.

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