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Where Will Boston College's Montel Harris Land?

Word that Montel Harris had been dismissed by the team was quickly followed up with rumors as to where Boston College's all-time leading rusher will end up. We got Spaz's side of the story but didn't hear anything from Harris. That is, until today, where Harris gave a few short quotes to the Globe's Mark Blaudschun.

As for the Jacksonville native's next move, Harris told Blaudschun:

"I think I want to stay closer to home. That would be my first choice. I know I'm going to spend the next few weeks just looking at all my options.''

I suppose Philadelphia is closer to home than Chestnut Hill, technically, and Harris would benefit from being reunited with former staffers Kevin Rogers and Ryan Day with the Owls. But maybe Harris sees an opportunity at a I-A program in Florida like South Florida, Central Florida, Florida International or Florida Atlantic.

If Harris completes his academic requirements at BC and graduates, he'll be eligible to play anywhere he wants in 2012 if he attends a school that offers a graduate program not offered by Boston College as per the NCAA's graduate-student exception rule.

Harris told Blauds that he wants to play football next season and his ultimate goal is still to be playing on Sundays. As for the status of his knee injury that has kept him sidelined for most of last season and this spring, Harris says he's on the mend.

"It's pretty close to 100 percent now. I know I'm ready to play again."

If transferring to another school isn't on the table, ProFootballTalk's Michael David Smith believes there's another option for the school's all-time leading rusher -- the NFL Supplemental Draft.

The NFL's Supplemental Draft takes place later in the summer and includes a handful of players whose eligibility status has changed after the January deadline. Teams who do take a player in the supplemental draft give up a pick in the following year's regular draft.

In 2011, there were six players eligible for the Supplemental Draft with just one player -- Ohio State's Tyrelle Prior -- being selected by Oakland. The Raiders gave up a third round pick (78th overall) after selecting Prior. Meterparel had NFL Draft analyst Todd McShay on WEEI this morning who thinks that Harris would be a sixth or seventh round pick if he does elect to go the Supplemental Draft route.

So where does Montel Harris land?