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Relegation In College Football: Yes, Please (Though Maybe In A Few More Years?)

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It's the college football offseason, which means it's the perfect time for hypotheticals. Spencer Hall was so enthralled by this weekend's Man City-Queen's Park Rangers finish that he's decided that college football should also take up this whole promotion and relegation thing.

Relegation already happens in college football, it's just done in a stupid, messy and disorganized fashion. The process of relegation in college football is what you now know as "conference realignment," a shadowy process managed by boring men in blazers eyeballing spreadsheets of television homes in closed board rooms.

In order to bump up to a better league, you have to win and present a nice business opportunity for the league in question, and then after that you're in for life no matter how badly it goes. (You're welcome, Duke and Vanderbilt.)

Read more on Spencer's plan here. No need to consolidate or collapse conferences in this system (except for the WAC, tear). Instead, simply assign affiliated sub-conferences thusly:

PAC-12 -- Mountain West
Big Ten -- Mid-American Conference
Big 12 -- Conference USA
SEC -- Sun Belt
ACC -- Big East, because, well we've already made it our sub-conference

While implementing something like this has no shortage of challenges, I personally love this idea. But if promotion and relegation was ever implemented for college football, we can wait a few years before implementing, right? I really don't want to go back to the Big East, you guys. And the thought of Boise State and San Diego State taking BC and Duke's spots in the conference is all sorts of wrong.