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Boston College Daily Links: Hockey Team Well Represented In NHL Final Four


Ranking the Big Ten/ACC Challenge games from most to least watchable (The Dagger)
12. Boston College at Penn State (Nov. 28): Here's the most damning indictment of the worst game on the Big Ten-ACC slate: It's less watchable than Nebraska-Wake Forest. Anyone who makes it through more than five minutes of this one either needs a social life or a medal of valor.


Baseball Plays Maine in Portland (
"Playing in Portland at Hadlock Field is a great opportunity for our program," head coach Mike Gambino said. "Portland has a great reputation for great baseball fans, so on top of being able to play in one of the best minor league parks in the country, we get to play in front of some great fans. The greater Portland area also has a large contingency of BC fans and alumni so being able to get them to a game will be a lot of fun for our players."

Eight weeks removed from being formally diagnosed with ALS, he's attacking the disease with the same contagious, positive energy that made him a leader on the baseball field at St. John's Prep and Boston College.


Getting hit in the face for a good cause (The Boston Globe)
Nick Rossi of Walpole is a big man who grew up playing hard sports, including hockey in his youth and later, defensive lineman at Boston College. He just started training in boxing in January, solely to take part in the second annual Haymakers for Hope Thursday at the House of Blues Boston, a fund-raiser for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute that pits boxers — all with little to no boxing experience, like Rossi — against each other to raise money through ticket sales and sponsorship.

Bears reach contract agreements with 7 rookie free agents (AP)
Also agreeing to deals on Sunday were Texas Southern receiver Joe Anderson, Illinois State tight end Brandon Venson, Concordia offensive tackle Tyler Hendrickson, Central Florida guard Nick Pieschel, Boston College punter Ryan Quigley and Connecticut kicker David Teggart.

Offer Updates (TechSideline.Com)
Purdue has become the ninth major FBS school to offer 6’4″, 195-pound linebacker/safety Oren Burks, who also has offers from Boston College, Duke, Maryland, Nebraska, N.C. State, Virginia, Virginia Tech and West Virginia.

Eagles offer PA receiver (
Brian Lemelle has slowly and steadily been accumulating offers and he's now got an offer list that most other prospects would love to have. Boston College is one of his most recent offers and he's looking forward to seeing what the Eagles have to offer.


New England well represented in NHL's final four (New England Hockey Journal)
With a 2-1 victory over the Capitals in Game 7 on Saturday night, the Rangers became the fourth and final team to punch their ticket to the conference finals. The Blueshirts will battle the Devils in the East, while the Kings and Coyotes will square off out West. What do all four teams have in common? Plenty of New England flavor.

FSU To The Big 12?

Will Florida State Demand Swofford's Resignation At ACC Meetings? (Tomahawk Nation)
FSU is by far the top property in the ACC, and it doesn't believe it is fair for freeloading schools like BC, Wake and others to earn the same amount from the awful TV contract that just gets worse by the minute. Throw in a perceived bias from the league office against the 'Noles and in favor of UNC and the triangle, and things have the potential to get hot over the next few days.

Conference Realignment: The Big 12 Should Swing For The Fences (
Long tied to FSU in Big 12 rumors, Clemson is another football-first program in a basketball-first conference. According to the Yahoo! report above, however, "While Clemson is often discussed as a potential partner with FSU, many believe the school's ties to the ACC are too deep (it was a founding member in 1953) and exposure in the Atlanta and North Carolina markets are too important for the university as a whole to bolt to some far-flung league." This is a legitimate concern, but the Big 12 should take the time to find out.

The Big 12 vs The ACC - Should Miami Jump Ship? (The 7th Floor)
The logical, first reaction to a program in Miami's shoes leaving is to wonder why they would ditch a conference they have never won. As pointed out by @HurricaneStiz, who follows the Seventh Floor twitter account, Miami making this move would be akin to going to your local bar, striking out with all the single women, and then saying "Whatever, I'm leaving. This bar sucks anyways." It's a pretty apt comparison.