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Boston College Basketball Lands Ex-Notre Dame Guard Alex Dragicevich

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After initially denying the rumor that he had transferred to Boston College a little over a week ago, Notre Dame transfer Alex Dragicevich made it official on Saturday, telling the Chicago Tribune that he had committed to Donahue and the Eagles.

"Their system is something that I was really surprised by," Dragicevich said. "It surprised me in a way where comparing to other schools recruiting me, I really see myself succeeding in it. The way they play is perfect for me, in my eyes.

"I like the way they move the ball, the way they screen, and they like to score it a lot. They like to get up and down the court."

Dragicevich choose BC over Loyola (Chicago), the two finalists for transfer destinations. Though he'll have to sit out next season, both Donahue and Dragicevich feel that he can contribute right away.

"From what (Boston College) coach (Steve) Donahue told me, he said I can come in and really help them score," Dragicevich said. "That's what they like to do. He liks to get scorers out there, he likes guys who know how to play. They thought I was a smart player and that's how I fit in - somebody who knows how to play."

Welcome to the Heights, Alex!