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Could Boston College Football Get Shut Out Of The 2013 NFL Draft?

CBS Sports recently released its 2013 NFL Draft prospect player rankings, noting the top 750 college football players that would be eligibile for next year's NFL Draft. The list is not promising for Boston College.

The Eagles senior class landed just five players in the top 750 NFL Draft prospects overall and just two in the top 300. Defensive tackle Kaleb Ramsey was the highest ranked Eagle on the list at 214 overall and rated the No. 19 best DT in the class. Only one problem -- Ramsey was shut down for most of the 2011 season due to multiple injuries. CBS Sports' far-too-early NFL Draft prediction is that Ramsey will go in the sixth round.

On the offensive side of the ball, tight end Chris Pantale is the highest rated BC prospect at 286 overall and 15th among all tight ends. Of all the Eagles on this list, Pantale probably has the biggest upside of any BC player listed depending on how well Doug Martin's offense gets the BC tight ends more involved in the passing game. Pantale is currently projected to fall to either the seventh round or sign as a free agent.

In addition, BC landed two offensive tackles on the list in Emmett Cleary and John Wetzel. Cleary ranked 470th overall and 35th among OTs, while Wetzel ranks 520th and 39th. Neither is projected to get drafted.

Finally, Montel Harris also makes the list, coming in at no. 408 (and 32nd among senior running backs). Sad panda.

These rankings only include incoming seniors so there's still the chance that a junior could declare early and sneak into the draft. Though I doubt it. Also makes you wonder whether Boston College will get completely shut out of next year's NFL Draft for the first time since 2005 (and just the second time in over 3 decades), particularly when your highest ranked Draft prospect is an injured DT projected to go in round six.