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What Is Jerry York's Coaching Legacy In Boston Sports?

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It's celebration time for all Boston College fans and while we are at let's go a little crazy no? So, I have lived in Boston my entire life and after BC finished their mind blowing fifth national championship I had a thought. Could Jerry York not only be the best college hockey coach that ever lived, but one of the most dominant coaches the city of Boston has ever seen?

Obviously, Red Auerbach and his nine NBA championships is in a world of his own, but would Jerry York be a close second? And if he doesn't where does he fall in Boston sports history?

Let's look at some numbers.

Starting with wins and winning percentage. Note: I am leaving Red Auerbach out of these comparisons, also for comparing win percentages I left out coaches that only coached less than 3 years. Also I could have thrown Tom O'Brien in as the BC football head coach, but I went for famous and Bicknell coached during one of the most exciting times for the program.

Teams Coach/Manager Years in Boston Games Wins Losses Win %
Red Sox Terry Francona 2004–2011 1296 744 552 0.574
Celtics K.C Jones 1983–1988 410 308 102 0.751
Patriots Bill Belichick 2000–Present 192 139 53 0.724
Bruins Don Cherry 1974–1979 400 231 105 0.658
Boston College Hockey Jerry York 1994-present 648 446 222 0.670
Boston College Football Jack Bicknell 1981-1990 115 59 55 0.510

As you can see York falls right in the middle of some of the Boston greats in terms of win percentage. He has a better win percentage than Tito, Bicknell, and Don Cherry but falls a little in terms of the other two coaches (though Jeff Jagodzinski had a win percentage of 72%). Note, I left out the New England Revolution, because if I threw them in the mix I would have to also put in the Cannons and all the other club sports in Boston. Just kidding!

Now the most important statistics: RINGS

- Terry Francona (Red Sox) -- 2
- K.C. Jones (Celtics) -- 2
- Bill Belichick (Patriots) -- 3
- Claude Julien (Bruins) -- 1
- Jerry York (Boston College hockey) -- 5
- Frank Spaziani (Boston College football) -- 0

Of course Auerbach has 9 wins which puts him clearly at the top. That leaves York and Belichick, with King Jerry with two more wins than Belichick. But there are more statistics that show that Jerry is a more efficient and effective coach. Belichick has won 67% of the title games he has been in, York? 71%.

Now I know what fans of the professional sports teams will say "It's college hockey, who cares?" I do. We do. College hockey has become the premier sport for Boston College, and what we are watching now is special. Just as BC is about to become a punching bag for all college sports jokes, Jerry York stands up and punches back. What we have watched in the last nearly twenty years isn't just special, it's legendary. The media is starting to finally pay attention to Jerry York, a once in a lifetime coach.