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Frozen Four Reactions: What The Coaches And Players Said

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After a spectacular victory over the Minnesota Golden Gophers the BC Eagles are flying high. What were the players and coaches saying after the game?

Coach Jerry York of course played the role of the diplomat:

"They created a lot of good chances. I thought the game was a lot closer than the score indicates," York said.

And why we are all proud of our hockey team:

Minnesota Head Coach Don Lucia told his team to hold their heads high:

"I'm still proud of our guys. They played so well and so hard all season long. Like I told them, 'One team's happy at the end of the year. That's it. Everybody else is disappointed.' But you know what? There's about five great things you can do in a season and that's win your league. You can win your playoffs. You can get to the NCAAs. You can get to the Frozen Four and you can win a national title. And you know what? We did three of them."

Boston College captain Chris Kreider on The Great Wall of Milner:

"We owe Parker for more than just the first period, We owe him for the past 18 games. You can’t say enough good things about him right now. He’s playing out of his mind.’’

Minnesota players were hanging their heads in shame:

"We couldn't get anything going on our side, and they capitalized on their chances," Minnesota forward Jake Hansen said. "We felt we were putting on the pressure; we just needed one to go in. It was embarrassing how it got out of control."

Tommy Cross on what it feels like to be an Eagle and the history of BC:

Johnny Gaudreau and Bill Arnold on the ultimate goal that faces the Eagles tomorrow: