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Sources: Matt Humphrey Transferring From Boston College

The Boston College Eagles will be without their 2nd leading scorer going into the 2012-2013 season. According to sources close to Jeff Goodman, Matt Humphrey will be transferring for next season. This will be the second time Humphrey will transfer, coming to the Eagles via transferring from Oregon in 2010. Because he completed his undergraduate program, he will be eligible to play wherever he wants for the 2012 season. Similar to what Russell Wilson did with NC State/Wisconsin.

Humphrey was an enigma during his times with the Eagles. At times he was the offensive and defensive rock for BC, providing veteran leadership to a very young and inexperienced team. On the other hand he was impatient (shooting 35% from the field), and averaged two turnovers a game. He also showed an impatient fiery streak, sometimes making big turnovers in crucial moments.

This is a surprising move, and for a team like BC who lack veterans this move could be a huge blow going into their rebuilding program. That basically removes the only veteran left on the team, and pushes Lonnie Jackson and one of the two recruits to come in and play meaningful minutes. Then again it gives Donahue another scholarship, maybe one he could use to get a physical rebounder.