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NCAA Bracket Challenge Is Complete: How'd You Do?


The Final Four is complete and a champion has been crowned. Kentucky is the winner, and for many of us who rode the Blue Wave to the pinnacle of victory, we too can celebrate. But there can only be one champion amongst us. And this year it won't be "bostoninnc" who selected Missouri, "Harvard All the Way" who of course selected Harvard, or "CJW" who selected St. Mary's.

The BC Interruption Bracket Challenge Top 10:

10. No Time For A Name (My Wife....who regularly kicks the pants off of me in every fantasy league we compete in)
9. Jzakman Choops
8. Coffee Is For Closers
7. Danny Hurley Or Bust (My buddy Smart Barrett, who also predicts URI will win 20+ games next year)
6. Evolution
5. @NCStateFootball (I wish this was Tom O'Brien's bracket, it would be the highest he's ever finished in anything)
4. Admiral Nelson's Finest (is that like a cheap knock off of Captain Morgan?)
3. 5MillionDollarBracket (Wrong!)
2. Oates For Three (I appreciate a good BC basketball reference)
1. Victorious Secret (We lost to a person named Leslee, which may or may not be a women. Irregardless he/she had 6 of the elite 8, and 3 of the Final Four. Bravo Leslee, you win our respect.)

I finished in 17th place out of 125, so I can hold me head high. I just ask that you ignore my second bracket that finished in 110th place, stupid UNC and Mizzou.

Some of you may be curious how Harper the Dog finished. Well, she did horribly. After starting out strong, picking upsets such as Norfolk St. and Colorado, her Midwest region was a complete mess. She only got UNC's first three wins correct in that region. She had three in the Elite 8 (Syracuse, UNC and Baylor), and was completely eliminated by the Final Four. My puppy finished in the 7th percentile, proving that maybe there is a little more to picking brackets than just random picks.

Okay readers, how did your bracket turn out?