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2013 BCS National Championship Odds: Boston College A Long Shot

Each year Las Vegas releases their National Championship odds and every year Boston College is listed. This year BC is a 200/1 odds, meaning if you bet 100 dollars and the Eagles won the National Championship, you would win $20,000 (and I would die of a brain aneurysm). Honestly you probably have a better chance of winning the lottery or lighting a $100 bill on fire and hoping Kate Upton shows up to put out the fire dressed only in a string bikini.

What teams have the best odds for winning this season?

USC Trojans 4/1
LSU Tigers 9/2
Alabama Crimson Tide 11/2
Oklahoma Sooners 10/1
Oregon Ducks 10/1
Florida St. Seminoles 12/1
Georgia Bulldogs 14/1

Why anyone would gamble on a team that isn't in the SEC is beyond me at this point. I get the USC love -- Matt Barkley is a fantastic quarterback, but Alabama and LSU are on their own planet. But hey, any given Sunday right? Of course FSU is up near the top again, just like every year, and so if you want to throw some money away you can always throw some money on the Seminoles.

What about other ACC programs?

Virginia Tech Hokies 28/1
Clemson Tigers 30/1
Miami Hurricanes 75/1
Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets 150/1
Boston College Eagles 200/1

So there you have it. What will you do? Are you going to get your cash out, do your homework and gamble on a proven winner? Or will you take a long shot gamble and hope that the SEC's reign of terror finally ends this season? Leave your thoughts in the comments.